Poets Built It Online Community
Poets Built It Online Community
Poets Built It Team

Poets Built It Online Community

Built by Poets. Originally supported by Apples & Snakes Poetry.

Our Big Purpose

PBI aims to create a dedicated space for new and established Poets, Spoken Word & Live Literature Artists internationally, to share the common experience of becoming and being a poet.

We hold this space for you who are at a transitional phase of your creative lives or careers in a way that enables & empowers, invigorates & inspires.

Who We Are

The focus is to weave together the threads of a supportive community, to grow & learn from each other, upgrading our poetry game, rebooting our writing practice, and/or develop new habits that cultivate confidence & a sense of possibility. 

Develop Your Writing & Creative Practice

We offer this space for poets to explore the depth and breadth of the writing and performance process so that you can feel refreshed, enabled, invigorated and newly inspired, supported by other poets who understand.

What We Do Here

In the Poets Built It Online Community we host workshops and specialist courses, masterclasses, and live stream events and other literature industry activities that enable you and empower you for the life of a poet.

In Poets Built It  we:
1) deep dive into craft, 
2) encourage experimentation,
3) host honest conversations around 
the business of poetry.

As a global collective, we share our skills and experiences to learn from each other, as well as in inspire ourselves. 

We program, create and deliver poetry workshops and masterclasses to learn from each other's diverse experiences.

Poets Built It Code Of Care #1

We bring together poets and spoken word artists seeking community to strengthen our practices as writers and forge strong connections through  collaboration.

We also bring together artists who wish to support each other through blocks in their writing practice. 

We offer space to breathe and explore new ways to create as well as to support each other through creative transitions.

Nurturing a Code of Safety #1

In the Poets Built It Community, we foster a respectful space where diverse opinions are welcomed for healthy artistic pursuits and community well-being. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment or personal attacks against artists based on their race, gender identification, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. 
Our platform exists to connect aspiring artists, and ensure mutual respect, regardless of background.

Welcome To Poets Built It!

We want to thank the poets across the decades who have made it possible for us to spread the colour and vibrancy of the poetic word for the cultural health of the UK and internationally.